Your corporate digital academy

Train your employees and your customers by creating your own digital academy.


Every formats

MOOC, SPOC, E-learning (SCORM, …), Serious Game, Blended-Learning, Webinaire… Your digital academy gathers all your online learning tools.


Train your employees and your customers

A dedicated academy with your colors and your businesses.

Your academy

Create and customize (your logo, your colors, your certificates, your training journeys) your digital academy. Lead your employees and customers in your own world.

Your trainings

We offer you more than 1000 online trainings to satisfy your employees needs. Create your own trainings and import all the existing e-learning formats (SCORM, TinCan, AICC…).

Your learners

Everywhere in the world, your learners access your digital academy. Manage your community using groups (Marketing, Finance…) for a social and interactive learning.

More than 1000 trainings available for your employees (French speaking) !


Your learners will love it…

Personalized learning

Create personalized learning journey for each learner. Follow the skills improving of uour employees and get an annual reporting for each one.


Your digital academy is available on all device (smartphone, tablet) but also all web browers.

Intuitive interface

You users will never get lost ! The user interface has been carefully designed to guide them in their training activities.

… and your customers will love you !

Thanks to the deployment of UpGraduate, we launched our own University program to assist our customers in the deployment of our products. We are able to see in real time, during a deployment, the modules that cause a problem to our customers.We are able to train all our customers remotely in a small amount of time.

Marketing manager

Software editor


  • your products and services usage 90%
  • your revenues 75%
  • your customers satisfaction 85%
  • your brand image 95%